Shattered Crown

When it snows it blizzards...

It seemed a particularly fateful day when five individuals from different places and backgrounds happened to be on the same snow drifted road on the way to the Purple River village with its Purple River Docks. Klavis was decidedly the most lucky of the five since he’d managed to snag himself a ride with a merchant, Lucian, who’d lost 3/4 of his caravan to raiders in the horse tribe lands. The remaining two wagons, pulled by four oxen, eventually came upon a gigantic man with a bounty bundled on his shoulder nearly as big as his axe, a monkish looking not-monk, and two twin sisters, who despite having skills in riding, were apparently so stupid from the cold that they unhitched their pony from their broke down wagon and let it wander off. In any case, all were saved and/or given a warmer ride to the Purple River village.

Upon entering the village it was quickly discerned (dis-serned, not dis-kerned!) that the snow which had plagued their travels was somewhat unnatural and caused by the displeasure of the Mountain God, Hairyath (I forgot!). Through investigation and charming of the locals, the five (who had banded together towards the common goal of crossing the ice-caked river to Alabaster) learned that up until about a decade past the Mountain God, who usually takes corporeal form in the shape of a big ass ice spider, had been a fairly good god. It did require sacrifices, but a goat once a month usually sufficed. Then, about ten years back an Immaculate Monk, White Wasp, had ventured into the village bringing with him the suggestion to instead worship the river god, Maruto. After that, whether its directly related or coincidental or related in an hereto unforeseen way, the mountain god stepped up the requirements needed for sacrifice and there are rumors that he acquired the taste for human blood with some missing kids. The villagers are upset because the river god was supposed to protect the village from the mountain god’s wrath, but the unnaturally violent snow and winter indicate a failure to do so.

Resolved to get their fucking boat trip going, the five decided to take matters into their own hands and after a bit more sleuthing, they ended up at the river side attempting to summon Maruto. Demitria’s dancing did lure the Goddess out and Deathiel explained their mission. In a show of support, Maruto bequeathed a gift to aid them – her daughter, Avyrra. After convincing her that clothes would be useful, Avyrra played trail guide, using her magical leaf canoe to help them scale the mountain with ease.

Only the landing point unfortunately put them in a position to be surrounded by giant ice spiders and the likely children of the mountain god. Attempts at diplomacy through intimidation failed for Deathiel and the spiders attacked! They were no match for Nonnus’s whirling axe of deathiness, and the rest of the gang helped with clean up work. Szayana’s inept but flashy use of a charm was erased from memory with an apt and not-at-all flashy use of another charm, but no one could erase the glowing caste mark that revealed Deathiel’s true nature (and cast some additional suspicion on the big guy with the huge golden ax). Avyrra, for the sake of humanity, convinced Deathiel to submit to her and drink her blood.

That’s not going to come back and bite the party in the ass. Definitely not.


vermillionn eiragwens

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